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The quarters of the Shahi Mohalla (Royal Town) once housed some of the region’s most famous and beautiful courtesans. Now this red light district in Lahore, Pakistan, is known as Heera Mandi (Diamond Market) where young men and women sell themselves everyday.

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Multan trip: I don’t know why, but Multan has always been this very magical city for me (at least inside my head) and with all the extensive travelling I like to believe I have done - I had never been there before! Finally on this 8-9th February some work took me there and these are some of the things I saw. 

There is a famous Persian saying: چهار چيز است تحفه در مولتان…..گرد وگرما گدا و گورستان (Chahar Cheez Ast Tohfa e Mooltan; Gard, Garmi, Gadda, Gooristan) which roughly translate as "Four things are Gifts of Multan: Dust, Summer, Beggars & Graveyards". Let’s just say that is cent percent true! 

Personally I am not a “shrine and saints” kind of a guy, but there is this certain tranquil aura in the old part of the city that with all the chaotic traffic (it is worse than Lahore by manyfold!) and hassling of beggars you feel so much calm.

It was truly wonderful to be in such an interesting city, will be posting another set of photos tomorrow. 

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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, 1988 by Photox0906 on Flickr.
Tanker’s beach (III)

A young woman from Ramallah, Palestine. c. 1898-1914, wearing an embroidered veil (khirqah).

Kabuli Kid.
by Olivier O.Blaise.

Typology of Saudi Arabian dress. From the Mansoojat Foundation online museum.

Sikh worshipers sharing their offerings of food as part of their ritual during service in Sikh Shrine, Lahore, India (September 1946).
Margaret Bourke-White